The Benefits of Build On Your Lot Services

What could be better than having your dream home constructed in a location of your choice that meets your lifestyle needs and desires? Pineapple’s build on your lot services will not only give you a living space that is uniquely your own but will also allow you and your family to wake up to surroundings and views that you’re familiar with already or have selected for your future custom home. Building on your own land will put you in the driver’s seat during the entire building process.

What is Build On Your Own Lot home construction?

The primary distinction when we use the term ‘build on your lot’ is that the customer already owns the property where the new custom home will go. Build on your lot may involve building on undeveloped land or a complete teardown and rebuild of an existing home.

Alternatively, and commonly when thinking of new home construction, the customer will purchase an available lot and a home floor plan in conjunction from a builder or developer. Pineapple has experience building homes through both processes in locations across Northeast Florida. Whether you already own land or need help finding a homesite, the team at Pineapple is here to evaluate properties of different shapes and sizes or help you find a location to meet your needs.

Does building on my own lot offer greater design flexibility?

While the size and configuration of the lot will help determine how big of a house you can get, building a custom home on your own land may offer greater flexibility when it comes to the home design. Rather than selecting from a prearranged floorplan library, you will have the freedom to truly start your home building process from scratch and customize everything the way you want it down to the last detail. For example, perhaps you want extra garage space or a large outdoor entertainment area. No matter what you have in mind, the designers and custom home builders at Pineapple are dedicated to creating a custom luxury home that best suits the property and your style.

Are there more benefits from Build On Your Lot home construction?

Firstly, if you already own the property, that’s one less step you have to take to build your custom home. Any homeowner will agree that choosing the right location is essential when building a custom home. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of building on your lot is getting to be deliberate about choosing the location that works well for your lifestyle. An additional benefit of a teardown/rebuild project on your own land is that you’ll most likely already have the necessary utilities connected to the lot.

Pineapple Corp Build on Your Lot Services

Are you considering building a new custom luxury home in Northeast Florida on a homesite or land you already own? If so, our team would love to help you get started.

Contact us today to learn more about our build on your lot process.

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The Vista at Twenty Mile Catalonian floor plan
The Vista at Twenty Mile Aragon floor plan